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Key provisions of the deal to be implemented in months to come – Kiir

Key provisions of the deal to be implemented in months to come – Kiir
President Kiir Address on the 12th Anniversary of South Sudan Independence on Saturday evening. Credit Office of President

President Salva Kiir has called on South Sudan citizens, saying the government is aware of citizens’ hardship and economic difficulties.

He said the government is working on measures to source food commodities in the region, which he said will be sold in a subsidized price to relieve some of the high cost of living caused by economic challenges.

In his statement released on Saturday evening ahead of the nation’s 12th Anniversary of independence day eve on 9th July 2023. president Kiir says some of the necessary provisions to ensure elections happen in December 2024 are being finalized.

“This will end the continued transitional government”, which he said has led to the continued suffering of the citizens.

Kiir said achieving peace and stability is the only way to allow them exit from the cycle of transitional governments and violence.

“To this effect, I am calling upon you, my fellow citizens, to work with peace partners and my colleagues in the government collectively for peace and stability in our country,” said the president Kiir.

He said that since 2018, they have encountered and continue to encounter challenges in implementing the revitalized agreement on resolving the conflict.

He stressed that each time they faced hurdles, they resolved them peacefully through dialogue and urges for a continued spirit in the coming months as they work to accelerate the implementation of the remaining critical provisions of the agreement.