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Kapoeta trader blames loss on police

Kapoeta trader blames loss on police
The buglers entered the shop through the roof | Credit | William Lonyia/Singaita FM

A businessman in Kapoeta town has blamed police after thieves broke into his shop and made away with smartphones worth $10,000.

Abdul Latif, who comes from Sudan, says the robbers accessed the electronics through an opening they had cut on the roof on Monday night.

“They came and cut the iron sheet on the roof and entered the shop,” Latif explained.

He said the thieves did not take anything else from the shop.

The trader wonders how this could happen when he pays 5000 Pounds per month as a security fee to the police department.

“They come here every month to demand 5000 SSP, saying it is a security fee. But there is no security,” Latif told Singaita FM.

Efforts by Singaita FM to reach police in Kapoeta town for comments were not immediately successful.