Kapoeta records first coronavirus-related death since 2020 -Official

A 32-year-old man has died from coronavirus in Kapoeta, making him the first person known to have died from the disease in the area since the pandemic hit South Sudan, a health official has said.

“It is true that we lost one patient. A week ago is when he was diagnosed with Covid-19,” Dr. Isaac John, Medical Director of Kapoeta hospital confirmed.

He said the deceased had an underlying respiratory problem.

“He was undergoing treatment for Tuberculosis. Our clinicians saw that he had some signs and symptoms that are close to Coronavirus, that is when he tested positive of Covid19.”

The doctor said the deceased had high fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing.

Dr. John stated that they isolated the 32-year-old but reportedly vanished from the hospital bed.

“We decided to isolate him but that same night he disappeared. In the morning, he was brought back by some of the relatives. That is now when the symptoms became worse, he was admitted that same night he passed away.”

Dr. Isaac John urged the public not to assume the pandemic is completely over. He appealed to everyone to observe the coronavirus safety precautions – especially for those with underlying health conditions.

“Covid-19 is still here. They should maintain social distance, wear mask…to ensure they prevent the disease. Get the vaccine, it is very important,” he underscored.