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Kapoeta hospital reportedly overwhelmed by malaria cases

Kapoeta hospital reportedly overwhelmed by malaria cases
A midwife attends to a patient at Kapoeta Civil Hospital

Kapoeta Civil Hospital is reportedly overwhelmed by the number of people seeking treatment for malaria.

The hospital in Eastern Equatoria state is said to register at least 40 cases of malaria per day.

Rovason Lonyia who is the hospital administrator said the number of patients diagnosed with the disease has increased during the wet season.

Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal disease caused by a parasite that commonly infects a certain type of mosquito which feeds on humans. People who get malaria are typically very sick with high fevers, shaking chills, and flu-like illness.

Maria Nakeno, who was diagnosed with malaria said she has not been able to get treatment.

“I came here since morning. The cue is long and I cannot get my medicine early. It is hard to get drugs. I am sick of malaria,” she said.

Rovason Lonyia confirmed that they have seen a surge in the number of people diagnosed with malaria at the hospital.

He advised the public to sleep under treated mosquito nets and keep their environment clean from bushes and stagnated water used as breeding grounds for mosquitos.

“For us to avoid congestion in the wards, please prevention is better than coming to the hospital. When you go to the house, close the windows and doors before you sleep,” he said.

But Maria said she has no access to treated mosquito net.

“I asked the doctors to exert more efforts in giving us mosquito nets so that we can be able to prevent the spread of malaria.”