Kapoeta East teachers quit after end of motivational cash program

The education authorities in Kapoeta East County have expressed worry as some teachers have started quitting their jobs.

This comes as an incentive project from the partner ‘Save the Children’ is due to come to an end in December 2023, according to the official.

Each teacher would receive $40, an amount equivaent to 40,000 South Sudanese Pounds, as motivational cash.

The incentive project supported at least seven public schools in the county, namely: Kalacha , Kaldo, Loolim, Mogos Nasigiriait, Narus Mix, Jie Lowoyakali, and Napoetipoeti primary schools.

Daniel Lopidio, acting county education director, says so far, several teachers have left teaching to do other well-paying jobs.

“The teachers will go and look for where they can get something to care for their families,” Lopidio told Singaita FM. “Most of the schools will close down if the government does not look into the issue.”

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Until recently, a teacher on the government payroll would receive roughly 3,500 South Sudanese pounds per month – an amount equivalent to $3.1

Even with the 400% pay rise, which was effected in October, a teacher gets as little as $14 per month, an amount which cannot sustain a civil servant, let alone his family, given the soaring market prices.