Kapoeta East police told to fix their only vehicle

The commissioner of police in Eastern Equatoria State says it the responsibility of Kapoeta East County government to keep the vehicle in good running condition.

Last week, police authorities in the county said they were unable to respond to crimes after their only vehicle broke down in May.

They called upon the state to help them to repair the vehicle or get them a new one.

In response, Maj.-Gen James Monday Enoka said: “This is an administrative matter. They are supposed to handle it with the county commissioner; its them to mobilize their local resources to fix the mechanical problem.”

The police department received the Landcruiser Pickup in 2022 from the state authorities, according to the inspector of police for Kapoeta East County.

It had already been used and just been repaired before it was handed over to the police, they said.

Common crimes in the county, according to media reports, include theft, sexual and gender-based violence, early and forced marriages, assaults, and night robberies.

They said lack of mobility has affected their daily activities because they are not able to reach remote payams and bomas to arrest crime suspects.