Kapoeta East loses herder to raiders

One person has been reportedly killed in the latest cattle-related attack in Kapoeta East County.

The county commissioner identified the victim as 25-year-old Lomai Todo.

Abdallah Lokeno accuses a group raiders from Budi County of carrying out the attack at a cattle camp in Katodori Payam on Tuesday.

“They got the guy alone in the cattle camp and started to shoot him dead. But when other herders came to his rescue, the attackers retreated,” Lokeno told Singaita FM on Wednesday.

He appealed to the “brothers and sisters” in the greater Kapoeta to avoid such and attacks and coexist peacefully.

“My message to Didinga and Toposa near Kapoeta East County, we are brothers and sisters. I don’t want you to kill and raid each other because this will spoil the relationships we have on the ground,” the commissioner said.

“What we need from both communities is peace and people should do business together and even marry each other for peace to prevail.”

Authorities in Budi County are yet to comment on the matter.

However, similar incidents have been reported in greater Kapoeta, with officials linking them to intercommunal conflict between the communities in Budi and Kapoeta counties.