Kapoeta civil hospital records three Meningitis cases

Health official in Kapoeta civil hospital in Eastern Equatoria state says they have registered three cases of Meningitis within two weeks.

The hospital director says two cases originated from Kapoeta East and one from Kapoeta South. Dr.Mustafa Lokuru is the hospital director in Kapoeta South.

He says Meningitis is a viral infectious disease that attacks people but can be easily treated if people visit the hospital early.

He says some of the common symptoms of the disease are high fever, severe headache with nausea, and vomiting, among others. ” We received a case from Kuron; it was very critically cases and was typical meningitis, so I assessed myself and treated accordingly, but lately there was another case of the same kind”

Dr. Lokuru said that declaring an outbreak would have to go through a specific investigation process to prove and that will come from the ministry of health in coordination with partners like world health organization W.H.O.

He said that they have reported the issue to the ministry of health in Torit.

He caution the public to avoid taking bath during the day or walking long distances while the temperature is high because it contributes to the disease.