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Kapoeta Civil Hospital calls for blood donation

Kapoeta Civil Hospital calls for blood donation
A midwife attends to a patient at Kapoeta Civil Hospital

Health officials in Kapoeta civil hospital in Eastern Equatoria state say people are dying due to lack of blood and call on the community voluntarily give blood and save lives. Official says at least five people have died because there wasn’t blood donor to rescue them.

Ms. Arminia Elia is an anesthetic doctor at Kapoeta hospital. She says they recorded 29 cases of patients from the villages with anemic and needed an immediate blood transfusion, but the hospital blood bank is empty.

She says they are seeing an increase of people coming from Kapoeta East, North and South referred to the hospital because of bleeding some as a result of uterus eruption during childbirth.

“I am asking the greater Kapoeta to talk to the youth between 20-and 30 years to donate blood to the hospital. Let them come and help with blood because if even most of the thing does not go well due to lack of blood and people die.

Elia says women and children are the most people who need help, and there is a need to have blood available in the hospital bank for emergency use.

Dr. Mathew Lotuk Loope urges young and healthy people to visit the hospital, saying it will make a lot of difference.

“We have been suffering from lack of blood in the hospital some time we receive very bad cases, and their condition very bad there is the actual need of blood want. We go to blood bank we don’t get the blood most of our people to come to the hospital went they are already anemic due to many factors the most important factor nutritional deficiency”.

He urges every person and partner to help give blood to reduce the issue that erupts. Some patients who spoke to Singaita FM asked for help from any well-wishers to donate blood.

According to one of the patients, many people operated in the hospital lack blood and find it challenging to survive. They are asking any well-wishers to help, and the partners work together in the health department.