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Juba doctor accused of sexual abuse arrested

Juba doctor accused of sexual abuse arrested
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A doctor at Juba Teaching Hospital has been apprehended after a video of him allege sexual abuse surfaced online.

Dr. Taban Martin Vitaly, the former Country Director of Real Medicine Foundation located within the country’s main hospital reportedly recorded himself molesting young patients and making out with older women.

The video is said to have leaked – prompting police to make the arrest. Taban is accused of committing the sexual acts in 2015.

Police say its investigations indicate that Dr. Taban has so far sexually abused 9 patients.

“…He has been bringing in women and young girls to his office that was then located within Juba Teaching Hospital in Juba, South Sudan. The video evidence shows rape with young girls and women and some of them [were] given cash,” said Dr. Daniel Machuor, the Executive Director of– Community In Need Aid organization.

The organization reportedly reported the matter to the police upon obtaining the leaked video.

“He committed the act way back in 2015 when he was bringing young girls in the hospital,” Dr. Machuor added.

The spokesperson of the National Police Service, Major General Daniel Justin is quoted on Eye Radio as saying:

“Actually, the doctor from Juba Teaching Hospital was arrested and taken to the police station – North division. He is accused of sexual abuse and he is under investigation.”

The matter has also come to the attention of the National Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare.

Minister Ayaa Benjamin Warile told the press on Friday that the act of Dr. Taban is unconscionable.

“It is very unfortunate that we got a report of serious sexually abused by a paramount member of the society.”

“We as the ministry condemn such an act as we know this happened a long time ago, but it is never too late and we encourage people to report so can take our responsibility,” she added.

The abuse has also been reported to the Office of the Vice President for Gender and Youth Cluster.

The whistle blowers are calling on the government to recall the licence of Dr. Taban and prevent him from practicing medicine.