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Jonglei gov’t pledge to tackle Baidit’s security threat

Jonglei gov’t pledge to tackle Baidit’s security threat
National Minister of Interior Hon. Mahmud Solomon (Left) and Governor of Jonglei State, Denay Jock Chagor (Right) during the visited of Baidit Payam where the attack happened on Sunday.

The national government dispatched a high level delegation to Baidit in Bor, Jonglei State, the scene of last Sunday tragic attack. Official says the visited is meet the community and families of those who lost their loved ones during the incident allegedly attributed to the armed youth from Murle in Pibor Administrative area.

The delegation was headed by the national minister of Interior Hon. Mahmud Solomon and Inspector General of Police, the governor of Jonglei and several lawmakers and other state officials.

The incident is alleged to have been carried out by armed youth from neighboring greater Pibor Administrative areas of which 32 died and 26 others wounded. Those reported dead include women and children.

The President delegated a team from Juba to engage both Jonglei and greater Pibor authorities to trace and return the raided cattle.

Antipas Nyok De Kucha is the deputy Governor of Jonglei state. He says the community raised some security concerns, which are responsibilities of the state government to address.

“It was a great disaster, and the president decided to join the state government by sending the delegation on his behavior to come and console people on the ground,” Nyok said.

Nyok urged people to disregarded the letter circulated on social media that distance armed Murle youth from the attack. He says it is a diversion from the reality and they don’t believe it to be legit.

“We will only consider the statement from the authority in the Pibor Administrative area, and those circulated online have no confirmation whether it is from the youth group or not,” Nyok said.

Nyok said the national Minister and his team have returned to Juba and will arrange another trip to Boma area to also engage authority in greater Pibor.

Jonglei state citizens criticize the state government over inability to provide security in the state. A claim that the deputy governor dismissed.

On Tuesday, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan strongly condemned civilians’ attacks by armed groups and called on authorities to conduct timely investigations to hold perpetrators accountable.