Joint Security Forces deployed in Mugali after deadly clashes

Heavy security forces were reportedly deployed in Mugali to curb the insecurity after deadly violence that left thirty people dead last week in Eastern Equatoria.

Governor Louis Lobong Lojore has encouraged the people of Mugali to return to their homes as the security forces are expected to restore law and order in the area.

On Monday, the SSPDF chief of staff headed the top security team into the area to defuse tensions between the host community and cattle herders from Jonglei.

The Commissioner of Police in Eastern Equatoria says the joint forces involved in the tension are the cattle herders, host community, and criminal gangs.

Maj. Gen. James Monday Enoka is the Eastern Equatoria State Commissioner of Police. He says the situation has returned to normal following the deployment of the security forces.

‘’I came here and held meetings with the local authority, and we also met with the head of organized forces, and we took the plan to deploy forces to protect the people, and the security is normal.’’

Mr. Enoka says, the host community, is worried about cattle in the area, which is the leading cause of insecurity.

He said the community calls for the immediate evacuation of the herders and their animals in the area.

However, the police commissioner said the cattle herders have agreed to leave and have already started evacuating the area.

He says the government will provide security in the process of relocation of the cattle.

The commissioner of police says the joint forces will continue to provide security in the area until all cattle are evacuated so that peace can prevail.

Authority in Eastern Equatoria has urged those who fled to return homes and continue their regular cultivation activity since security stabilized.

He reassures the residents of Mugali of their safety and pledges that peace prevails in the area and people live in harmony for a peaceful co-existence.

At least over 70 people were reported dead on both sides, (Herders and host community) 17 other wounded in the recent clashes, and many civilians deserted their villages and said they were crossing to neighboring Uganda.