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Joint force deployed to quell Rumbek Center clashes

Joint force deployed to quell Rumbek Center clashes

Security forces comprising of army and police have been deployed to prevent further clashes among the youth in Rumbek Center County, an official has said.

On Monday, a gunfight erupted at Keech Cattle camp between Niel Niel and Gak youth of Pakam sections, leaving three people dead and more than 10 others injured.

The recent attack is related to a 2022 elopement of a girl, which later led to a fighting which claimed six lives, according to the police spokesperson.

Elijah Mabor Makuach declined to mention the deceased due to fear of escalation.

“The tension is still high after three people were killed. Our forces are still there to prevent further attack,” he told Mingkaman FM on Tuesday.

For his part, the State Minister of Local Government, Chol Kuot-wel, said they have identified the suspects to be arrested.

“We will arrest the suspects and they will be brought to book. No one will die again,” he added.