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JCC contracts Go green East Africa to collect garbage in Juba

JCC contracts Go green East Africa to collect garbage in Juba
JCC Mayor. Michael Ladu Allahjabu

The Juba city council has entered a partnership agreement with Go green East Africa company has launched a garbage collection project aimed at keeping Juba clean.

The company has twenty-four garbage collection trucks, ten thousand garbage bins, and over one million garbage bags used in the cleaning process.

The Mayor of the Juba City Council said they had signed an agreement of ten years with the company, which is expected to commence its operations on Friday 3rd May 2022.

According to the deal, the company will collect the garbage on a weekly basis with special arrangements at the VIP residential areas and big hotels.

JCC Mayor. Michael Ladu Allahjabu says the move is a dream achieved to keep Juba clean, beautiful, and safe. 

He says the new partnership will help address the continued accumulated garbage in the markets, residential areas, and roads across the city.

‘’Public garbage bins will be placed in markets and residents’ areas to collect cabbages easily. Over ten thousand private or trans bins for an affordable price and one million garbage bags at half market price will also be provided to all areas within Juba and all the markets.’’

Allahjabu describes the east African go green company as a typical indigenous company meant for the people of South Sudan.

Mr. Allahjaabu said the city council handed over the waste management to the east Africa Go green company because they are well-equipped and organized indigenous private operators.

‘’Four introductions of east Africa go green are officially launched today for all our public in juba to ensure that the issue of garbage will be settled as soon as possible.’’

He is urging all the stakeholders, including the security deployed at the city council, to cooperate with the company to ease the process of garbage collection.

‘’Comply with the laws regarding keeping the city clean. The law enforcement of juba city council within the ministry of local government and law enforcement will take charge of that within immediate action’’.

He further stated that public garbage bins would be placed in markets and residential areas to ease collecting cabbages. 

Ladu warned that Failure to comply with the measures and guidelines given by the city council would face a severe fine and imprisonment as stipulated in the juba council by-laws 2013 amended.

Goaner Timothy Tutlam is the managing director for East Africa goes the green company. 

He explains that the company has classified the payment of the garbage collection into four: first class, second class, third, and fourth class, for everyone to afford.

According to him, the company will collect at least 17M Kg of garbage per month. 

He emphasizes that the company has already taken full responsibility for garbage collection in the city and urges everyone to cooperate.

‘’ for any reason, if there is no waste collected, it is the city’s responsibility to call the company, not the city council, because from now the city council is not responsible for the waste in Juba. If there is a pile of waste, you don’t call me. let the mayor call me that you are not doing your work but the public you call the company directly if there is a waste there, we will come and pick it up for you,’’ he said.