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Jailers jailed for remandee’s death in Twic

Jailers jailed for remandee’s death in Twic
One of the prison officials the court found guilty of involvement in the killing of Adhar was the Twic Cunty prison director, Ajuong Piyom | Credit | Courtesy

Police in Twic County are holding three prison wardens in connection with the extra-judicial killing of an inmate in the area recently.

Three months ago, prison wardens dragged out Adhar Manut Ring from his cell on the night of May the 10th, the day after he was remanded for allegedly killing a woman in Pan-Nyok Payam.

The wardens then reportedly handed the 33-year-old over to an unidentified man, who immediately shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

On the 14th of August, an investigation committee comprising of ten prison service offices from the national and state levels found out that three men were involved in the execution of Adhar.

They are the county prison director, Ajuong Piyom, and wardens Santino Nhomrom and Nyuol Thuc.

As a result, the court in Twic County issued punishment measures against the three men, because “no prison in the world releases” prisoners at night.

“The committee was obligated to follow up the matter, and finally the detained officials were ordered to pay 31 cows in blood compensation because they are guilty of the killing,” said Maj.-Gen. Ring Longar Awic, state director for prisons department.

According to the court ruling made on Tuesday, the officers will also serve three years in jail, after which they will be dismissed from the prisons service.