Hunger forced 3 thousand households to migrate from their homes

Authority in Eastern Equatoria says at least three thousand families from Jie community fled hunger to Kapoeta North County. An area Commissioner says those displaced are women and children due to hunger caused by drought and families lacking food and water.

Hon. Emmanuel Lolimo Epone is the county commissioner of Kapoeta North. He says the number of people in his county is big and has overwhelemed the host community to accommodate and call for urgent humanitarians intervention.

Hon. Epone says some of the them are staying with friends in Karukomuge Payam. “Kapoeta east has been hit badly by this dry season, and last year they did not harvest due to not enough rain and as a result the population move to neighbor kapoeta north county. The families are raising concern on their need which should be addressed.”

On Thursday, authorities and humanitarian agencies reported assessing the area where people have been displaced.

Singaita FM spokes with the commissioner of Kapoeta East, Hon. Abdallah Lokeno, an area where people have abundant.

He said they lack of clean drinking water and food remains a concern the government is tackling.

“I learned yesterday that those of the Jie community are facing hunger. This is true. I have been talking about this on radios many times on the sides of Jie, Nyangatom, and Lotimor. There is hunger, no food, no water, and grass for cows.”

He appealed to the state government and well-wishers to support the communities that are in desperate needing of food.