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Hundred inmates jabbed with J&J covid vaccine in Kapoeta

Hundred inmates jabbed with J&J covid vaccine in Kapoeta
Hundreds of inmates waiting to get Covid-19 jab in Kapoeta, Eastern Equatoria

At least 128 inmates receive covid 19 jab in Kapoeta. The plan was initiated by the ministry of health and its partner national NGO operating in the state to make vaccine available for the inmates in Kapoeta prison.

Lazarus Lobalu is an officer for the expanded program of immunization (EPI) in Kapoeta. He says they received five thousand doses of Johnson and Johnson vaccine last week to be distributed to the counties in greater Kapoeta.

Lobalu said giving jab to prisoners is to help reduce the risk of covid 19 virus infection for the inmates. “We are carrying outreach activities for Johnson & Johnson vaccine targeting prisons because they stayed in a congested area,” Lobalu said.

He appealed to the public to get themselves jab and keep covid-19 protocols or guidelines.

The project officer of OPEN organization, Loboro Job, says the prisoners have been taken as a priority during this phase because they are vulnerable to the disease because of congestion. “It is essential to start with this group because this is one isolated target people because they are people who interact freely in prison.”

The Director of  Kapoeta central prisons, General Ceaser Tombe, commended the initiative to extend covid vaccine to  those in prison. He said it’s everyone’s responsibility to care for inmates and provide services to them. “We encourage people to come and do something to the prisoners because we are becoming vulnerable,” he said.

South Sudan reported the increased of Covid-19 positive cases late last year. On Wednesday the public health recorded seventy people tested positive of coronavirus and bring total to 16,407 cumulative confirmed cases to date and 136 death recorded since the outbreak of Covid-19.