Humanitarian food truck looted in Budi

A humanitarian vehicle was looted along Lotome- Kikilai road at the weekend, a member of parliament representing Budi County at the Eastern Equatoria state legislative assembly has confirmed.

Hon Bosco, Lotiang says that the vehicle, which belongs to Christian Relief Service, was destined for Chukudum when it came under attack at the Lobelbel Bridge.

“The vehicle felt into an ambush on Saturday. It’s a Christian Relief Service that was bringing some items,” he told Singaita FM on Monday.

The robbers, he said, took phones, money, undressed and even beat the occupants of the vehicle.

He appealed to the residents to think of development and stop mentality looting people on the roads.

“I understand what the government wants people to do. Let them go for development other than ambushing and looting people along the roads,” he added.

Two-thirds of the population – over 7.7 million people – are facing crisis or worse levels of hunger. This is the highest number ever, surpassing that seen even at the height of the country’s civil war, according to WFP.

Four consecutive years of record flooding has led to widespread displacement, the destruction of livelihoods and the loss of arable land – contributing to rising hunger. The effects of these concurrent climate shocks are compounded by rising food and fuel prices and ongoing conflict.