HPF extends services to 96 health facilities in Eastern Equatoria

The minister of health in Eastern Equatoria state says they have secured another four months of support from the Health Pool Fund to continue providing health services.

Official says the extension came after negotiations with partners to have a short period of continued support to the health sector.

Hon. Pascal Lodai Woyakori is the state minister of health in Eastern Equatoria. He says the four months will help the government develop a budget to keep all the health facilities that were run by HPF operational.

“This support is not sustainable enough because we only have limited time. The government is raising the eyebrow to see and cover up the gap that will be realized, so it is a big challenge for us, but we see it is necessary to stimulate us to work toward self-reliance.”

He says the health pool fund has reduced its support because of the funding shortage from their donor communities.

Lodai says he is hoping that together as the government, they will work to find a long-term solution to the health sector’s problem.

“It is really taking us by surprise because the preparation level for the government to take full responsibility in supporting this facility has not been in place. We have engaged our partners. We have also sat down as the state ministry to present this petition and the budget plan to support the referral hospitals and other facilities,” he said.

Early this year, the Health pool fund announced the scaling down of its support to the health sector in South Sudan.