Hiyala, Haforierie clans vow to not fight again

In Torit County, a four-day peace and reconciliation initiative between Hiyala and Haforierie clans has concluded with a vow for everlasting peaceful coexistence.

This comes after four years of intercommunal conflict and revenge attacks, which have left several people dead.

The peace initiative — which was held in New Kenya — commenced on Wednesday and ended on Saturday last week in Hiyala town.

It was organized by Otuho intellectuals, with support by their community based in Juba.

Speaking to TRC, the co-chairperson for the peace initiative, Allam Omusula, said they were able to reconcile the two communities, which promised to live in harmony.

“The two rivaling communities accepted peace now; they promised to put an end to conflict and take up coexistence,” Omusula said.

He stated that the successful conclusion of the peace dialogue was marked with celebrations held at Hiyala Primary school premises.

‘The celebration took place last week on Saturday. It was witnessed by many people, who expressed happiness and joy,” he continued.

This is not the first peace initiative involving the two communities. Several others were held before but their resolutions were never implemented.

“However, with this one, it is an assurance the communities will not engage in clashes again,” Omusula added.