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Hippos kill two Warrap fishermen

Hippos kill two Warrap fishermen
A hippopotamus in a river | Credit | Courtesy

At least two fishermen were on Thursday night killed by hippopotamuses in different fishing swamps in Gogrial West County, Warrap State, an official has said.

The incidents took place at Nyai Yom River in Akon North Payam and Kuom Kuel Awan Mou swamp fishing area in Awan Riau Payam.

The deceased are identified as Yak Malek Akuoc, 40; and Deng Deng Teek, 35.

“One of the fishermen was sleeping inside his mosquito net by Nyai Yom River when a hippopotamus bit him with its long teeth, killing him,” Victor Wek told Mayardit FM on Friday.

The other victim, he said, was checking his fishing nets in the river when he was attacked and killed.

Officials say most fishing activities are carried out at night in the area. Wek urged the fishermen to fish in groups to avoid risk of hippo attack.