Herder surrenders after ‘mistakenly’ killing friend

A man suspected of mistakenly killing his friend has surrendered himself to the police in Lakes State, the state police have confirmed.

Deng Machar Marial, 38, told the authorities that he killed his close friend Mapuor Ayiel Dongring, 40, at Lang cattle camp in Rumbek East on Wednesday night.

The police spokesperson says after several reported cases of hyena attacks at the camp, the youth equipped themselves with weapons to protect their animals and other cattle keepers.

“The deceased had gone home and when he was coming back to the camp, he did not alert his friend that he was going to return in the night,” Maj. Elijah Mabor told Mingkaman FM.

“And to make it worse, the deceased jumped over the fence, making it look like it was a hyena coming in to attack the cattle.”

Mabor says the accused person mistook his friend for a hyena and shot him dead. The 40-year-old man lived together with the suspected killer as they were close friends.

“However, we can’t rule that out now but the truth will come out from the judges,” he said, adding that Deng will be tried soon.