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Hemeti’s envoy meets Kiir in Juba

Hemeti’s envoy meets Kiir in Juba
Yousif Ezat, Rapid Support Envoy (Left), President Salva Kiir (Middle), Tut Kew Gatluak, Presidential advisor on security (Right). |Credit |Presidential Press Unit

Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemeti) sent his Special Envoy, Yousif Ezat, to Juba on Wednesday to brief President Salva Kiir on their position in the conflict in Sudan and calls for ceasefire.

Last week, the leader of the IGAD team for Sudan peace process – President Kiir – called upon Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hemeti), commander of the Rapid Support Forces, to send his envoy to Juba for ceasefire talks.

Kiir then extended the invitation to Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in Juba after meeting the envoy of Abdel Fatah al-Burhan, commander of the Sudan Armed Forces.

“Leader of Rapid Support Forces General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo is ready to observe ceasefire and cessation of hostilities, and calls on General Burhan to reciprocate,” Yousif Ezat told reporters in Juba on Wednesday after meeting the President Kiir.

The fighting in Khartoum over the failed planned integration of forces broke out on April 15, between the two rival generals: Al Burhan, and his deputy Dagalo who, commands Rapid Support Forces.

On April 16, IGAD heads of state and government agreed to send Kiir, Kenyan President William Ruto and the President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar, to Sudan to mediate peace talks between the warring parties but continuous clashes prevented them from going to Khartoum since.

President Kiir has been in continuous engagement with generals to cease hostilities to allow humanitarian access and dialogues exploring end to the conflict in the Sudan.

“The Rapid Support Forces also acknowledged that Juba is an ideal place for the Sudanese peace talks. South Sudan and Sudan shares history and culture,” Yousif added.

South Sudan’s Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Deng Dau Deng says President Kiir is concerned about the suffering the Sudanese people are going through, and reiterated the call on the two warring generals to ceasefire for the good of the people and the nation.