Heavy rains damage Ayii bridge

Heavy rains have destroyed a bridge in Magwi County, paralyzing transport, and other activities in the area.

The Ayii bridge in Obbo Payam was first affected by the rains in September.

However, the bridge was completely washed away by water this week.

The head chief of the payam says this has affected health services, farming, and learning, as residents and service.

“It is now hard for us to get services like school, health facilities, and other services from Magwi town and other payams in the county,” Ringo Filbert told Singaita FM.

Several appeals by the payam authorities to the concerned government institutions in the state, according to Filbert, to rehabilitate the bridge have been ignored.

“We have been calling on the government but there is no positive response from their side to help us,” he continued.

Singaita FM’s efforts to reach the state ministry of road and bridges for comments were not immediately successful.