Health facility operating without essential drugs in Gogrial west

Peth Awan healthcare center in Gogrial West County of Warrap state has run out of essential drugs, an official has said.

According to Joseph Garang Majak who is in charge of the healthcare facility, they only conduct diagnostics since they ran out of drugs a month ago. The last consignment of drugs delivered to the County was in October 2021.

“Since the drugs finished, we have received no supply…where we are is very far from Akon hospital, and patients on referral take 4 hours footing. One of the patients died before reaching the hospital, and during rainy season the roads are bad,” Garang stated.

He appealed to the national Ministry of Health to provide immediate medical supplies to the health facility.

The Director General in the State Ministry of Health, Dr Barac Malith Atem said the medical supplies were often donated by aid agencies.

He disclosed that the shortage is caused by the suspension of operations by Health-Pool organization.

The NGO reportedly suspended its support for 16 healthcare centres across Warrap state in April due to lack of funds.

Dr. Barac, however, said the State Ministry of Health is in talks with the national Ministry of Health and other health partners to support the 16 facilities.

“We can try our best to help the community by sending some drugs from other hospitals…a problem like what happened in Peth Awan healthcare…needs us to do something.”