Happy listener gifts Mayardit FM a goat

A regular caller of Mayardit FM has donated a goat to show appreciation to the radio station for “campaigning against gender-based violence and promoting peace” among the community.

Awut Kuethpiny Deng known as Mama Awut lives in Gol village of Wunrok Payam in Twic County.

She said she is impressed with the work of the radio staff in transforming the lives of the local community through their regular programs.

“I am happy to give this small donation to Mayardit FM station because Mayardit FM have done many things to this community, including me. I tune in to the radio from 5:30 AM without tuning it off because the information is very important to my life,’’ Mama Awut said.

She added that the radio has had an impact on her entire family.

“My children are working very hard because Mayardit FM is encouraging people to work hard and to be self-reliant. I have my vegetable garden because of the knowledge and encouragement from the programs on Mayardit FM.”

Some of Mama Awut’s favorite programs on Mayardit FM include peaceful coexistence among the communities, women program on GVB issue and self-reliance.

You can listen to great programs on Mayardit FM every day from 5:30 AM to 10: 30 PM local time.