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Gunmen kill one person as another escapes in Budi

Gunmen kill one person as another escapes in Budi
FILE Photo by Stefanie GLINSKI / AFP

One person has reportedly died and another was wounded in a shooting incident in Budi County of Eastern Equatoria state.

Unknown gunmen ambushed 2 men going to harvest bamboo sticks in the nearby forest in Loriyok village on Wednesday.

According to Loriyom Payam Administrator the attack happened on Wumpi bridge.

“These people wanted to come and take cattle but they found cows have already migrated. So, when they found no cows, they shot at these people and killed one,” Arkanjelo Lokolimoi narrated.

The deceased has been identified as 37-year-old Lodita Natirinya, while the wounded is known as Joseph Lokwar Lodita, 31.

Lokwar said he narrowly died had he not escaped after being shot.

“We were going to cut bamboos to sell  when we found some people in the bush. They shot at us. They were many. After being shot, I ran. I saw one of them shooting dead my friend. These people were well armed and very many,” he narrated.

Lokwar is receiving treatment at Kapoeta Civil Hospital.

Rovason Lonyia, the hospital administrator told Singaita FM that the condition of the patient is stable.

“We received the patient from camp called Joseph Lokwar. We gave him fluid to replace the lost blood. The patient is now improving. His case can be managed here, there is no need for referral,” he stated.