Gunmen disarm jailer, free 57 prisoners

Armed youth on Sunday morning attacked the Ayen Abiel prison in Twic County and freed 57 prisoners, an official has said.

Maj. General Ring Awich Ayuel, director of Prisons Service in Warrap State, says the armed youth attack a guard and took away his gun before opening some of the cells.

some of the fugitives, he disclosed, were 24 remandees; and others, convicts for various crimes, including murder, cattle theft, and robbery.

“Those who were waiting there to be taken to court are twenty-four,” he told Mayardit FM on Monday.

However, he said, 15 of the fugitives were later re-arrested that evening.

The officer believes that the attackers, who are yet to be identified, attacked the prison for four young men who had been convicted for robbery.

He identified the convicts as Del Makuch Aguek, Panek Ajak Dut, Ring Ajak Aluei, and Maper Chol Mabuoc, who were serving various jail terms for stealing 20 cattle.

“I am urging the public to help us with pieces of information on the whereabouts of the fugitives,” Ring continued.

“I want to tell our people and those whose friends escaped from the prison by mistake to return them to the prison.”

Until Sunday morning, there were 213 prisoners in Ayen Abiel prison.

If caught, the armed youth could be charged with abetment and other charges.

The South Sudan Penal Code 2008, Article 52, defines abetment as an intentionally aids or facilitates any act or illegal omission in the commission of the act.