Gunman kills 3 people in Gogrial East

At least three people, two women and a man have been killed in Gogrial East County, Warrap state. The incident happened in one of the villages called Kanglong of Ajogo Payam in Gogrial East. The suspect is believed to be a soldier from South Sudan people defense force(SSPDF) division five in Wau.

Those killed included his wife Adhor Akuoctoch age 23, step mother, Awut Thuom age 27 and Akook Akot Dukdit age 32 who is said to be one of the boda boda rider according to the sources on the ground.

Authority says the suspect is on the run and is being pursue by the security forces.

Hon. Maluac Lueth is the commissioner of Gogrial East County who spokes to Mayardit FM over the phone earlier from the county headquarters Lietnhom in Gogrial East.

He says the incident has raised high tension and urge for calm from the relative of the deceased. “I request community to be humble and allow me with my government to search suspect, he is the right person to tell us what was the reason of killing people”. said Lueth.

One of the eyewitness who spoke to Mayardit FM the areas where the incident happen said the suspect has been killed by the security forces.

The reason why he killed people not being established.