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Gregory Kuac’s bodyguard injured in an attack on his village home

Gregory Kuac’s bodyguard injured in an attack on his village home
Gregory Deng Kuac, former governor of the defunct Gogrial state, and incumbent deputy chief at the NSS External Bureau | Credit | Courtesy

Police in Gogrial East County say another attack on Gen Gregory Deng Kuac house has left a bodyguard injured.

The former governor of the defunct Gogrial state’s home is located at Cuei Agany village in Ajogo Payam.

The area inspector of police told Mayardit FM that an unidentified gunman opened fire on General Deng’s bodyguards on Wednesday night – an attack whose motive is yet to be known.

However, Col Madut Anei identified the victim as 28-year-old Captain Dhel Ater.

“He sustained gun shot injury to his right arm. He was immediately referred to Kuajok main hospital for treatment,” he said.

A suspect is not arrested and we are now searching for the culprit behind the incident.”

For her part, Nyanyai Makuac Madut – an eyewitness and a wife to a late brother of General Deng – said she was worried about the “constant” attack on the house.

“We, the women living in the house, are afraid of the attacks that keep recurring, and we want to evacuate the house,” Ms Makuac stated.

This is the second time General Gregory Deng’s house has come under attack, after authorities reported a similar incident early this year.

In addition, unidentified men set ablaze the house last year.

The former governor, who is also the current deputy chief of the External Bureau of the National Security Service, is yet to comment on the matter.