GPAA arrests 3 robbers with 5.5 million pounds

Authorities in Greater Pibor Administrative Area reported that they have arrested three suspected robbers including a woman with looted money of 5.5 million pounds.

This comes after the authorities in Kapoeta East County of Eastern Equatoria state asked Pibor government to investigate and punish the people who attacked and robbed the people along Boma-Kasengor road last week.

Jackson Lokitoe, Boma County Commissioner said the suspects might have not taken part in road attack and robbery but the money was found in their houses linking them to the robbers and attackers.

“We managed to bring three people yesterday (Thursday) and now they are in custody. They are undergoing investigation at the police custody because even some of them, the money were recovered at their homes which means; this a proof that the people who have carried out the attack kept the money with their family members.” Lokitoe stated.

The commissioner said the police will continue to follow up with their families to ensure the culprits are produce to face the law.

“We cannot leave such things to go like that, we need to do a follow up and even arrested the culprits because we cannot encourage such activities to take place as it happens because we want to stop all those senseless activities which are not really developmental to the people,” He added.

The suspects found in possession of money include a 50-year-old Lopeduru Lokiripio man; 47 year old Nakalei Lopidio, and a 37-year-old woman, Nagie Lotee.

Last week attackers along Boma-Kasengor road killed a trader, injured one person and walk away with 9 million South Sudanese Pounds.