Gov’t told to construct Kormachi bridge as river interrupts movements on S.Sudan-Kenya highway

Residents of Katiko Payam of Kapoeta South County are appealing to the government to construct a the bridge on Kormachi river to ease the movement of people and goods.

They say during the rainy season, the area is cut off from the rest of the state. The lack of access paralysis transportation of farm produce to Kapoeta town and from Kenya to other towns in South Sudan.

Kormachi river often overflows during the rainy season.

“When the river is flowing, people and animals can not cross to the other side. Those who plan to take their charcoal to market can not do that because the river is full. Sometimes vehicles get stuck in the river because the old bridge has been carry away by the water,” one resident told Singaita FM.

Kormachi lies on the South Sudan – Kenya highway. Most of the commercial goods coming from Kenya through Lokichoggio and Nadapal passes through the season river.

Mwangi Njuguna, a Kenya truck driver who plies the route said the absence of the bridge has affected the timely delivery of essential items to the markets in South Sudan.

“I came when the river was full of water yesterday [Monday]. The river is flowing over the bridge, I could not pass. When I tried to find a way, my vehicle got stuck in the middle of the river, up to now,” he narrated.

“We need a permanent bridge to ease our movements. We need the government to construct a permanent bridge,” another resident of Katiko said.

Kapoeta South County County Commissioner, Angelo Lominit told Singaita FM that he will discuss the matter with Eastern Equatoria state government and relevant ministries.

“I will try to call the governor and remind him about the construction of the road and the bridge because it is making the life of people difficult. Katiko bridge is on the highway, it should be dealt with at the State and at the National level. But we will also ask our partners to help,” he stated.