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Gov’t, partners to help combat mealy bugs in Aweil North

Gov’t, partners to help combat mealy bugs in Aweil North
Man inspects mealy bug-affected maize in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State | Credit | Akol Yam FM

The Ministry of Agriculture in Northern Bhar Ghazal State with its partners says it would intervene in controlling pests currently destroying crops in Aweil North County.

This comes after the ministry launched an assessment in the area on Monday to identify the pests.

According to the director of agriculture in the state, the pests have been identified as mealy bugs.

Speaking to Akol Yam FM via telephone, Chan Kuac said the bugs that destroyed sorghum at milk stage have spread all over in Aweil North County.

“As the ministry, we don’t have insecticide. So, we reported the matter to the experts’ from FAO that will start going to the area next week with first surveillance team to see how these bugs can be controlled,” Kuac stated.

Chan added that the bugs are destroying crops at a very fast pace, which requires immediate intervention.

Mealy bugs, according to him, are brought by long absence of rain after crops are planted.

This month, farmers in Malual North Payam said they were worried about the fate of their crops after pests emerged on their farms.