Gov’t deploys forces in Gokmachar to quell interclan clashes

Aweil North County authorities in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State have deployed security forces to Gokmachar town to deescalate the interclan fighting over chieftaincy.

On Thursday, fighting broke out between members of one clan after a disagreement over election results on who to take the paramount chief position following the death of the then Paramount Chief Deng Nyuol who died on 25 July.

Kiir Chan Wol, county commissioner, told Akol Yam FM that members of the clan disagreed on the election results showing 19 votes for Aturjong Aturjong got and 6 votes for Dau Deng Nyuol.

The election was organized to determine who takes up the seat of the chief after the death of the paramount chief. But supporters of Dau Deng Nyuol did not agree with the outcome, resulting into fighting.

“What I want to tell the general public is that whenever you feel something is not right, you need to follow the law instead of causing a fight,” Kiir said.

“So, I would like to tell Pathieu clan to stay calm until the committee comes to solve the issue. There is going to be a committee coming from Aweil to settle the matter.”

Chan disclosed that 10 people have been injured in the fight and are being treated in Gokmachar and Aweil hospitals. He added that the executive director who chaired the election has now been evacuated to Aweil after he was assaulted and injured.

The detals of the force that was sent to the are yet to be disclosed.