Gov’t appeals to CAF for more sports stadiums in South Sudan

The national Minister of Youth and Sport has appealed to the Confederation of African Football to support sports structures across South Sudan.

Dr. Albino Akol told the visiting CAF President, Dr. Patrice Motsepe, that the sports industry in the country is underdeveloped.

“Your Excellency (Dr. Motsepe)…it is our humble appeal to your high leadership to make sure that this stadium also is being upgraded and other stadiums in the Republic of South Sudan,” he said

Dr. Akol made the remarks during the launching of the CAF African Schools Champion on Thursday in Juba.

The sports industry in South Sudan has remained under-funded since 2005.

Dr. Patrice Motsepe acknowledged that the lack of  enough stadiums in most African countries remains a big challenge for the confederation.

“Too many African nations play their football outside their countries and that’s not acceptable…If any country in Africa does not have the stadium that fulfils the requirements of CAF and FIBA, it’s not only the failure of that country; it’s our failure and we have to work together because we need our people to come to the stadium in South Sudan,” he stated.

Dr. Motsepe also called on the government of South Sudan to invest in the sport sector to promote to support young people.

“We want more money in South Sudan for football development for our young girls, our boys and the stadiums,” he said.