Governors resolve to eliminate illegal checkpoints

The ongoing 6th Governors’ forum in their third day deliberation, all the the governors agreed to remove all illegal checkpoints that have been erected on high ways connecting the states to the capital. The decision came after church leaders appeal to the forum to address the issue of Wau checkpoints.

On the first opening day of the forum, this week, the primate of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan, Archbishop Justine Badi Arama called on the governors from 10 states and the 3 administrators to remove illegal roads blocks along the roads going to the state to ease movement of services delivery.

“I want to say to our governors, the cry from your people is that the roads blocks are too many. So please, reduce them or remove them for free movement to deliver services to the people.” Badi said

On Thursday, the governors said they have started removing the checkpoints. “We are giving orders now that all the checkpoints should be removed except only the essential security checkpoints. Those are the ones that might remain.” Said Denaya Chagor, the governor of Jonglei State.

He said he has been finding it difficult to put other state affairs such removing checkpoints due to political differences within the government.

“We are in a government where it’s a formulation of armed political parties and so moving things in some areas sometimes is not easy. You have to consult with people as you know so well there are some areas in South Sudan that are called control areas of some parties and some individuals.” He stated

The governor of Central Equatoria Hon. Emmanuel Adil,  said most of the illegal checkpoints are being erected by groups or individuals who have not been authorised by the state.

He said he gave directives to the county commissioners to remove any roadblock. “but quite often, you will find individual characters they will man these roadblocks on their own and this is what I want to emphasise that as we go from here, we will make sure we remove if there is any roadblock, I don’t want to deny.” Adil said

The 6th Governors that’s being undertaken by the 10 governors and three chief administrators is discussing the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement, humanitarian, security and development in the states.