Governors affirm commitment to peace implementations 

The firth governor’s forum affirmed the commitment of states to implement the revitalized agreement fully and disseminate the deal among the communities. They also agreed to hold local peace dialogue to end communal conflict, child and women abduction.

The resolutions came out during the governor’s forum that ended on Monday in Juba.
Some of the outcomes the leaders affirming commitment to peace implementation, regulating the movement of cattle, returning schools land given to investors, and state to collect Person Income Tax (PIT).

Each state is also tasked to review its constitution to conform to the constitution of South Sudan 2011 amended and R-ARCSS.
The national government urged to make policies to address land issues and adopt severe measures to curb corruption.

States and administrative areas to adhere to the end of child marriages and enforce measures that regulate the practices. The forum also resolved to recruit more local executive officers, preferably graduates from universities or colleges.

Governors encouraged the Presidency to expedite the training, graduation, and deployment of unified forces. The national government also asked to provide food and other services to the cantonment and military barracks.

They recommended peaceful disarmament, initiated reconciliation among the communities in Upper Nile and urged the government to establish a peace fund to support the state in implementing the peace agreement.

The Minister of Presidential Affairs, Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, who read the resolutions, called on the Governors to implement the forum’s outcome. He said the suggestion to hold the forum twice a year would depend on resources to fund the process.

The First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar, said the forum should be for coordination of government work at all levels to ensure services are delivered to the citizens by their leaders.

Dr. Machar said there should be a commissioners’ forum held in the states, and those views from the grassroots will be discussed at the governor’s forum.

The ten states Governors, three chiefs’ administrators, and other delegates participated.

The conference discussed the roles of states and administrative areas in implementing revitalized peace agreement parties signed in 2018 to promote peace and stability in South Sudan.