Governor Rin warns of looming closure of food distribution center in Mingkaman

The governor of Lakes state says he will closed down food distribution center in Mingkaman in order for people to start planting their own food. He says the relief food is encouraging dependency because people have stop cultivation and just wait for relief food aid.

He says there is no excuse of insecurity because he has restored security stability and people are moving freely to carry on their social economic activities. He says the humanitarian organizations will be asked to stop distributing food from July this year because it is creating dependency among citizens.

“I want to declared to you, this year, I will not allow UN food in Lakes, and all of you must cultivate so that you have your food. This message is to all of you, Bor, Aliab, Atuot and Ciec who are in Mingkaman,” Governor Rin said

Governor Rin Tueny Mabor arrived in Mingkaman the county headquarter of Awerial on Tuesday saying the purposed of his visit is to facilitate the process of looted and raided cattle recovery and return them to rightful owners.

He added that he will also crackdown on cattle raiders and criminals involved in revenge attack to be arrested. He says it is the state policy to bring all wanted criminals to court, settle cases and restore law and order.

“If you have killed the person and are still not tried and still loitering and not in jailed, I tell you, surrender, and if you don’t do that, we are going to deal with you, and you must be tried in the court of law.”

Some community members who spokes to Mingakaman 100 FM welcome the move and others appealed to the governor to extend the deadline until September this year to ensure everyone is food secure.

Mingkaman in Lakes state currently host 50,000 internal displaced persons (IDPs) from Jonglei State who have left their homes during the 2013 conflict according to RRC and IDPs community leaders.