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Governor Lobong visited Jebel Boma to seek peace with Pibor

Governor Lobong visited Jebel Boma to seek peace with Pibor
The Eastern Equatoria State's Governor Louis Lobong Lojore speaking during the forum on November 24, 2021 in Juba

The governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Hon. Louis Lobong Lojore visited Jebel Boma County in Greater Pibor Administrative Area to meet his counterpart to ease the raising tension between communities in Kapoeta East and Murle in Pibor. He says the aim of his visit is to reconcile the pastoral communities of Pibor and Kapoeta that share grazing lands during the dry season.

Over the weekend governor Lobong held a meeting with Chief Administrator of Pibor Administrative Area, Hon. Lokole Ame to discussed joint effort to tackle issues of cattle raid and to restore peace and security in the area.

He says this is not time for people to engage in conflict, while other parts of the country are talking about development.  Lobong emphasized the need to denounce conflict and join the success story of nation-building.

The Chief Administrator of GPAA, Lokole Ame, pledged to work with the leadership of Eastern Equatoria State to build peace between the people of the two states.

“As leaders, we are committed to resolving the disputes among our people so that they live in peace with one another,” said Lokole.

The two leaders agreed to return to old days of peaceful co-existence between Murle and neighbouring communities in Eastern Equatoria.

Boma and Governor Lobong also noted that South Sudanese communities are crossing to Ethiopian border in search for green pastures for animals, saying they are worry that the pastoralists  may also clash with the host pastoralists communities in the neighboring countries.