Governor Futuyo asks Juba for help as political bickering unfolds in WES

The Governor of Western Equatoria state has called for urgent intervention from Juba as a political crisis looms in the state.

This is after a section of the state government – led by the Deputy Governor announced they are withdrawing their “active participation” in the shared government.

On October 8, 2022, Deputy Governor Dr. Kennedy Gaaniko who comes from SPLM-IG issued a statement declaring their lack of confidence in working with Governor Alfred Futuyo.

He claimed the decision is precipitated by the decision of the governor to suspend the Council of Ministers meeting over unclear circumstances.

“We the members of the ITGoNU, SSOA, OPP, FDs, SPLM-IO in the [state] Executive, State Parliament, Independent Commissions and County Commissioners do hereby declare to the public our decision to withdraw our active participation from the Western Equatoria State government,” the statement partially read.

The statement further outlined 16 reasons it said prompted their action.

Among them is the issue of unpaid salaries and the management of local resources.

The team said they hold Dr. Riak Accountable for appointing incompetent governor to lead the state.

In response, Governor Alfred Futuyo has asked the national government to provide leadership over the matter.

He, however, blamed his deputy for instigating the political move that he believes has no support from other parties who share the state government.

“…I condemn the so-called withdrawal of state members of Executive, Assembly, Independent Commissions and County Commissioners in a strongest term possible. This is a generalized statement which is a will of other officials mentioned,” the statement partial said.

“I am appealing to the national government to intervene into this matter before it get out of hand…” it added.

Juba is yet to issue a statement on the matter.