Governor Aleu suspends Tonj County Commissioner over “negligence of duties”

Warrap state governor has suspended Tonj County Commissioner for reportedly failing to apprehend suspects behind rampant killings in his territory.

General Aleu Ayieny Aleu said Commissioner Kuol Akoon failed to perform his duties.

The suspension came after seven people were killed including a woman, last week and this week.

The State Minister of Information Ring Deng Adiang told Mayardit FM that the now-former commissioner was accused of neglecting duties and failing to cooperate with law enforcement agencies deployed in the area.

“The accusations are that there was a killing of the first person, the commissioner did not go to the place of the incident and talk to the people attacked to tell them to stop attacking,” Deng stated.

“The second allegation is that he has no cooperation with units of SSPDF in field doing disarmament. So the commissioner was given a suspension letter till investigation is finalize.”

The order removing Kuol Akoon is effective, Wednesday, June 16.

Governor Aleu appointed Baak Ajuot Kuot as the acting Commissioner and Executive Director.

For his part, Kuol Akoon denied the allegations. He, however, welcomed the suspension – describing it as a normal administrative issue.

“The first time when the incident happened, I sent teams immediately to the ground, and now as I am  talking the teams are still following the suspects from yesterday up to now. Nobody knows maybe there is arrest made. I also found the names of suspects who committed this crime and I gave their them to the government. Now I did not know where my failure is,” he said.

Last month, Warrap state governor Aleu Ayieny Aleu also suspended the commissioner of Tonj South after the shooting of a police officer.