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Gogrial West man dies after ex-in-laws’ attack

Gogrial West man dies after ex-in-laws’ attack
A google map of Warrap State in South Sudan.

A man in Gogrial West County, Warrap State, has died days after he was physically attacked over a marital disagreement last week.

Recently, Akeen Agoth’s in-laws reportedly took away his wife after he failed to pay bride price, which is often in form of cattle. The family gave her to another man.

But then, area police say, the 30-year-old lover attempted to elope with the unnamed ex-wife, angering his former in-laws.

Maj. Wol Manut, inspector of Police in Alek North Payam, say the woman’s relatives beat him into coma at last week. The attackers, he said, hit Agoth on the head and chest with blunt objects.

“He was taken first to health a facility on Thursday and later transferred to a Private clinic for specialized treatment but his condition got worst. He passed on Friday evening,” Maj. Manut told Mayardit FM.

He said police are now holding the woman’s father and uncle – Joong Mayen Kuac, 40; and Akot Mayen Kuac, 38, over the incident.

Manut went on to call upon relatives of the deceased to remain calm  as the state authorities look into the matter.