Gogrial West local courts to break during cultivation period

Authorities in Warrap state have directed traditional courts to speed up the process of resolving existing cases ahead of the cultivation season.

Local bench courts in at least 26 Payams in Gogrial West County have been given one week to resolve all pending cases. This is to allow the people of the Payams to participate in communal farming.

“(Operations) of all bench courts dealing with local crimes such as adultery, divorce will be suspended. We have ordered all paramount chiefs to go to their Bomas to allow time for cultivation for food,” said Angelo Wol Ngong, Gogrial West County Executive Director.

He said operations of the bench courts will resume in September 2022.

The deputy chairperson of Riangalei Payam bench court welcomed the directive.

“Many people follow up their cases and others turn up to witness court hearings leaving nobody at home to cultivate. So this is important because cultivation in our area is once a year, and this requires everyone to work hard to get food,” Sultan Ring Dut Ring said.

Meanwhile, local government employees in the County will only be required to work 4 days a week during the cultivation period. They will not report to work on Fridays.