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General Johnson Olony Arrives in Juba

General Johnson Olony Arrives in Juba
General Johnson Olony, Leader of Kitgwang faction. Courtesy

The commander of Agwelek forces, General Johnson Olony, arrived in Juba to implement the Khartoum peace agreement he signed with President Kiir in January 2022.

Olony is expected to talk with President Kiir about integrating his forces into the South Sudan People Defense Forces (SSPDF).
The SPLM/A-IO breakaway Kit-Gwang faction signed a peace agreement with President Kiir on January 16, 2022, in the Sudanese capital -Khartoum, to end armed clashes in the upper Nile state.
The peace deal guarantees the implementation of the security arrangements, a permanent ceasefire, grants the Kit Gwang faction amnesty, containment, and reintegration of the breakaway SPLA-IO forces into the South Sudanese Peoples Defense Forces (SSPDF).

Later, Simon Gatwech abandoned the peace deal citing reservations about the agreement.
“I have come for peace, we signed peace last time, but there were no witnesses. Tut, myself, Akol Koor, and President Salva Kiir were the only witnesses. So I have come for peace, I would have come earlier, but I was busy doing something, finished it, and came today,” Olony told reporters upon his arrival at Juba International Airport.
“Nobody called me, but Salva told me, ‘Olony, come with 200 soldiers’. Now I have come with 200 officers; if Salva didn’t know I’m a man of peace, he would not have called me to come with 200 soldiers”, said general Olony.
Olony said he would hand over his 200 soldiers to the leadership of South Sudan government as stipulated in the agreement he signed in Khartoum with President Kiir.
General Olony returned to Juba after nearly ten years since the war broke out in 2013.