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Genanyuon FC’s Coach criticizes 3 years suspension from football activities

Genanyuon FC’s Coach criticizes 3 years suspension from football activities
South Sudan's local Football Club Genanyuon FC

A local football club Genanyuon FC of Tonj in Warrap State has been suspended this week after the fans and players cause chaos in Wau stadium on Wednesday. The coach says the team suspension from the ongoing tournament was unfair and discouraging. He denies involvement in the violence that left some people with minor injures.

Genanyuon FC was beaten by Al-Hilal FC of Wau by 2 goals  to Nil  in South Sudan cup competition on Wednesday, the fans and players allegedly stormed the pitch causing commotion in the stadium. 

The violence led to disciplinary action to terminated the club participation, coach and five players banned in all football activities for three years. The club is also ordered to pay a fine of one hundred thousand South Sudanese Pound equivalent USD 230.

Maluach Garang Maluach is the Coach of Genanyuon FC. He says they are going to appeal against the decision taken by South Sudan football association to suspended them.

 “Am not convinced because I wasn’t called to defend myself as the official. That is one. Two, the chaos started after the game. I don’t know why they are punishing the Club too. So, I am going ahead.”

South Sudan Football Association in Wau suspended Genanyuon United FC from in what they called over gross misconduct. Football Association organizing committee chairperson Mr. Wiyual Lam Poch says five of their players will not participate in the national games for at least three years.

 “Players have to know that their aim in the pitch is to play the ball, NOT to observe how the referee is ruling in the rise because the referees make recording mistakes. if you fight referees claiming that they haven’t done well, it is against the law. It is better you file your complaint to the office and will be looking into,” Lam said.


Al-Hilal FC of Wau has advanced to the final and will face Zalan FC of Rumbek today 5th of February 2022 in Wau.