Gen. Olony expected in Juba next week for forces integration talk with Kiir

The leader of the breakout SPLM-IO Kitgwang faction General Johnson Olony is expected to arrive in Juba next week for the implementation of the peace agreement he signed with SPLM-IG last year in Khartoum.

The advance team of 36 members have already arrived in Juba on Friday ahead of his anticipated coming to Juba next week.

Paul Yohanis, a Polical Affairs officer and the head of Agwelek delegation in Juba said in an exclusive interview that his boss is expected in Juba for a talk with president Kiir on the agreed integration of Agwelek forces into the South Sudan People Defense Forces (SSPDF).

“He (Olony) is coming to implement the agreement that we signed with the SPLM in Government. Part of the agreement talk about security arrangement regarding Agwelek forces becoming part of SSPDF. He is coming for that,” Yohanis said. “Because he signed the deal and the big part of the implementation of this agreement need his presence here in Juba,”

In January 2022, General Johnson Olony signed peace agreement with president kiir, the deal guarantees permanent ceasefire and reintegration of his forces into the SSPDF.

Yohanis said they want to bring peace in particular to Upper Nile State through the Khartoum peace agreement

“We want to bring peace in Upper Nile state. We have been in war for a very long time and this brings destruction and everything that is not good and this is what we don’t want anymore. We are tight of fighting. What’s the result of that fighting? There is nothing,” He said.

Yohanis expressed optimism in achieving everlasting peace in Upper Nile region where they have been fighting ofr number of years. “Our hopes are very high regarding this agreement we signed in Khartoum last year,”

Other initiative that Olony will undertake while in Juba includes communal conflict in the Chollo kingdom and its neighbors in the Upper Nile Region according the head of delegation in Juba.