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Gen Mamur condemns social media hate speech

Gen Mamur condemns social media hate speech
The Minister of National security Gen Obuto Mamur Mete, speaking to the people in Kapoeta on Wednesday, 06th Jan 2022

The minister of national security in the unity government has condemned hate speeches on social media describing it as a “harmful” thought to the nation. Gen. Obuto Mamur spokes at a community gathering in Kapeota, Eastern Equatoria. He said his visit to Eastern Equatoria was to assess the security situation.
He condemned people who write hateful messages on social media, which he says could increase communal conflict.

He said that community is the pillars of the country, they should maintain the spirit of teamwork for good development, and support the government to maintain peace and unity. “You should be together because you’re the same people who are the pillars of this country. South Sudan is now a country. Why do you spoil it again? he asked.

The governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Hon. Luis Lobong, warned those who stopped and looted vehicles passing through the area to cease the activity.

He said the state connects the country with the rest of the nation, and traffic should flow without interruption.

Lobong said his government is working hard to address the security situation on the road. He said he would tour different counties with the national government delegation to all the counties and listen to people’s concerns.

“The issue of road robbery happens every time, some people are killed along the highway. This road is very important to all people. It connects us to other countries.”

Community members in Kapoeta have been calling on the government to tackle increasing road ambushes that has created fear among many travelers.

Last year, two medical professionals were killed in the road attack, and food aid was looted; despite the deployment of security personnel in the hotspot areas.