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Gelweng peace mobilizers receive new motorbikes in Lakes

Gelweng peace mobilizers receive new motorbikes in Lakes
Picture of TVS Motorbikes handed to Nyekerkét consortium peace mobilizers in Kapoeta by DT global on Friday 11th, Nov. 2022

Lakes State government has handed over twenty motorbikes to Gelweng Peace Mobilizers to support their peace efforts in the Counties.

The motorbikes were donated by the UN Mission in South Sudan through Oxfam to facilitate the movement of the mobilizers who are encouraging peaceful coexistence among local communities.

According to the State Minister of Local Government who also doubles as the Caretaker Minister of Peacebuilding, the Gelweng Youth Peace Mobilizers are supporting the government in mitigating conflicts.

Chol Kuotwel Manhom said the mobilizers have been task to advocate for nonviolent approaches to issues among the local youth.

“This project is called Community Violence Reduction. It is implemented in areas where people are recovering from conflicts. And it is a response to the Governor’s call for supporting youths to get sources of income and livelihood away from violence,” he stated.

The motorbikes have been handed to peace mobilizers for Rumbek East, Rumbek North, Rumbek Centre, Cuei-bet and Yirol West.

Mr. Kuotwel said the mobilizers for the remaining Counties will also receive their motorbikes in due time.

In May, Lakes State government also distributed Ox- ploughs to a peace committee to fight hunger by producing enough food as the state continues to enjoy relative peace.