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Fugitive Panther killed in gunfight with police

Fugitive Panther killed in gunfight with police

A gunfight between a fugitive and police in Aluak-luak Payam of Yirol West County in Lake State has left two people dead and another injured.

The suspect, Panther Makur, was shot dead while resisting an arrest by security operatives in Amet village.

He allegedly killed someone during a cattle raid in the area in May this year.

However, the 30-year-old suspect had been evading arrest.

Panther was killed alongside a woman he had been staying with.

“After the forces arrived at the house, the man first noticed them and he immediately started shooting at the forces,” Maj.-Elijah Mabor, police spokesperson in Lake State.

“They returned the fire, shooting him and the woman dead.”

The unnamed woman’s seven year old son was injured in the shootout.

In September 2021, Panther’s mother, Nyanon Marial Aguek, was held for her son’s alleged crimes including cattle raid.

As a common practice in the state, the area chief had Ms Marial arrested and later on transferred to a military prison where she took her own life.

Source: Eye Radio