Free fistula surgical treatment ongoing at Aweil hospital

Patients in need of critical fistula treatment are being encouraged to report to Aweil Civil Hospital following the arrival of a medical team in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state on Friday.

17 patients are set to undergo the surgical operation led by a doctor from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A fistula is an abnormal connection between an organ, vessel, or intestine and another organ, vessel or intestine, or the skin. Fistulas can be thought of as tubes connecting internal tubular structures, such as arteries, veins, or intestine, to one another or to the skin.

The most common type of surgery for anal fistulas is a fistulotomy. This involves cutting along the whole length of the fistula to open it up so it heals as a flat scar.

Some of the fistula patients in Aweil told Akol Yam 91 FM that they have been experiencing constant pain and restraint movements due to the condition.

One patient *Adior said she previously underwent an operation, but her condition has not improved.

“I underwent operation here [Aweil hospital] 3 years ago. I was with a colleague whose condition improved, but mine has not. I am here again because the doctors have encouraged me to undergo a second operation. I am hopeful that this will be succesful,” she stated.

Another patient *Nyaduok said she has been living with the condition for the last 4 years. She stated that conceiving a child has been unthinkable for her.

“I spent more than 4 years with diseases, but my husband and family members have been supportive. They often assist me with medical fees.”

Not all have received the support of the family like *Nyaduok.

A woman who refused to be identified by name said she has been struggling on her own with the condition since last year.

“I experienced the disease early this year in my village Akoch Payam in Twic County, Warrap state after my family refused to take me to the hospital, and I lost a child during delivery last year.”

Dr Wol Wol Akeen, the Medical Director of Aweil Civil Hospital said they have so far successfully operated 4 patients on Monday.

He urges those in need of the critical services to urgently turn up as the doctors have limited time in the state.

“We are encourage the public to turn up. If there are patients who did not register during the campaign, they should turn up for the operations because the operation will end by next week,” he appealed.

Dr. Wol also advised those who have undergone the surgical treatment to avoid concieving babies immediately after the operation.

“I want to advise mothers who operated in campaigned to respect the period that given to them by doctors. We don’t expect early pregnancy before 3 years.”